You’re invited to celebrate UNCOMN

You’re invited to celebrate UNCOMN!

UNCOMN can always find a great reason to celebrate. 2018 was a fantastic year for our team members, our business and our community.  Welcoming in 2019 is no different. UNCOMN is poised to celebrate another great year and it all kicked off with the launching of our new ‘uncommon’ footprint in St Louis when we held an open house with our partners at T-REX in January.

Since UNCOMN’s (formerly Aegis Strategies) inception, the company has found like-minded partners to work with to grow in a competitive market while still living every day by our core values. Firms such as LMI, Tapestry Solutions, GeoDecisions and PWC (now Guidehouse) served as mentors, creators, and solutionists with UNCOMN.  As the company has grown, we have expanded our scope to team with technical innovators such as Amazon Web Services, enabling UNCOMN to expand its horizons to provide cloud services in the federal and commercial space. While our office space at T-REX is new, our relationship with entrepreneurial firms working in T-REX is not.  For the last three years, UNCOMN has looked to expand our associations with some of the most innovative minds in St Louis’ entrepreneurial community.  We have been mentors, servant leaders, and students in our partnerships with SixThirtyCyber and the Midwest Cyber Center. These two organizations have worked to nurture the St. Louis cyber landscape through education and mentorship. When discussing the role UNCOMN seeks to play in our community, Nick Powers, VP of Growth says “We are not satisfied with the world we live in today. It is on us to do whatever we can do to make it better.”

With that sentiment in mind, UNCOMN is setting its sights even higher. UNCOMN celebrates our uncommon people, uncommon purpose, and uncommon impact in everything we do, every day.

It was due to teaming with other firms with similar passions that allowed UNCOMN to begin its journey almost a decade ago. Today, we are continuously seeking more equally passionate associates with which to share what we have learned from our partners, our team members, and our experiences. Whether partnering with large or small firms, UNCOMN has its sights set on bringing forward new, innovative solutions to both the local government and business community, becoming active partners in helping revitalize St. Louis, and staying committed to building an environment to help celebrate success.

In the coming years, UNCOMN will find new ways to innovate, collaborate, and create. We are forever looking to celebrate new opportunities with our partners, our T-REX teammates, and the St Louis community. Plan on being invited to our many uncommon celebrations!

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