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What Does It Mean to be an Uncommon Genius?

An Uncommon Genius Leading Innovation means believing in the power of business to make the world a better place through everyday business relationships and interactions. If you join our team, our commitment to you is to find a role that accentuates your strengths and helps you exercise your own brand of “Uncommon Genius” to reach your career aspirations. We’ll invest in you because — as a consultancy — our people are our brand and great companies invest in their brands.

Our Values

At the heart of UNCOMN lies a commitment to our core values that not only define who we are but also drive our success and innovation. We Prioritize People, recognizing that our greatest assets are our team members and clients whom we serve with dedication. Embracing the mantra ‘Love the Problem,’ we delve deeply into challenges, seeing them as opportunities for growth and improvement. Our values of ‘Be More, Do More’ inspire us to continually push beyond the ordinary, striving for excellence in every endeavor. We Celebrate Uncommon Genius by acknowledging and uplifting the unique talents and contributions of each individual. Lastly, we Cultivate Beauty in all our projects, ensuring that what we create not only functions well but also enriches the lives it touches. Together, these principles guide us in making a meaningful impact and achieving sustainable success.

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Our Values
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Career Development

Our Communities of Practice (COPs) offer a dynamic platform for team members to enahnce their professional skills and pursue personal growth in their desired areas. These communities facilitate the development of professional skills, foster the sharing of information and expertise, and encourage the incubation of innovative ideas. Additionally, they provide a space for collaboration with seasoned professionals. Participants are assigned their COP, and we supply the necessary framework and a collaborative environment for their development. This approach not only supports individual growth, but also strengthens our collective expertise.

Certifications & Awards

What Our People Say

"Working at UNCOMN has been a truly rewarding experience. The company's commitment to continuous learning and professional development is beyond what I've seen before."
Dalton Nichols / Project Manager
Dalton Nichols
EADE CATS Project Manager
"What we're looking for are people that love to solve problems. If you like to fix things, tweak things, and put them back together, you're probably a good fit here."
Jason Carter Headshot
Jason Carter
"One thing I praise this company about is that they truly embody the term uncommon, from the flexibility of work/life balance, to how they treat their employees, and how your word is not only heard, but is encouraged."
Eden Buss
Functional Consultant (Architect) 1
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