Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

We build secure, customized and cost-effective cloud solutions for your business.

UNCOMN’s Cloud Solutions analyze and understand client business problems, developing and providing insight to improve business decisions.

Cloud Capabilities

Cloud Migration

We transfer digital assets from traditional data centers to cloud computing environments. This includes restructuring and optimizing existing software for cloud compatibility, migrating software already on the cloud to new platforms, and "lifting and shifting" data environments directly to the cloud.

Cloud Operations

We focus on the management and maintenance of an organization's digital assets within a secure cloud infrastructure. Our services include designing cloud system architectures, optimizing the use of cloud resources for enhanced efficiency, performance, and cost-effectiveness, and ensuring the seamless operation of these systems.

Software Development

Our expertise extends to the entire software development lifecycle, from design and programming to testing and maintenance. We specialize in creating new software applications, features, and functionalities, as well as operating, managing, and maintaining applications post-deployment. Additionally, we offer advanced support and troubleshooting for complex software issues and integrate different subsystems into cohesive systems.

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Randy Burch

Randy Burch

Director - Cloud Services

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