Data Solutions

Data Solutions

Companies must effectively transform data into knowledge.

Actionable decisions. Faster.

Technology leaders need to analyze their systems and uncover productivity opportunities to extract optimal business performance. Our team of data scientists use languages like Python, SQL, and JavaScript combined with tools like machine learning, Hadoop, S3, Dynamo, and Nifi to collect, tag, mature and provide data to your business analysts and business intelligence software. Whether on-premise or in the cloud, our team is prepared to solve your hardest data problems.

Data Capabilities

Data as a Product

We transform raw data into actionable insights, crafting user-friendly dashboards, and decision-making tools while ensuring data quality through robust operational tools. This involves the acquisition, storage, and processing of varied data sets at scale, turning data into a valuable asset for strategic use.

Digital Automation

Our solutions focus on enhancing operational efficiency to integrate automation into business processes. This includes deploying robotic and intelligent process automation techniques and utilizing both historical and real-time data modeling to facilitate informed decision-making, thereby optimizing business workflows and reducing manual intervention.

Deep AI

We leverage the cutting-edge application of deep learning and Generative AI to derive human-like conclusions from complex data analyses. This capability involves training AI to recognize patterns, generate content, and interpret multimedia information, thereby pushing the boundaries of predictive analytics and machine learning to create more intelligent, self-improving models.

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Scott Rappold

scott rappold

director - data solutions

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