Community Impact


Our Job in the Community

At UNCOMN, we uphold a service before self, giving over receiving, and social impact over siloing (isolating). It is our duty as industry experts to lead by example, share what we know, and help create strong, vibrant communities in which we are proud to live and serve.

Pursuing a Passion for Cyber

We invest in and mentor for SixThirty CYBER, a business development program that offers cyber security-based technology startups with up to $250,000 of services each year. Through these services, the St. Louis region’s top executives and chief information security officers provide hands-on training, mentoring and network opportunities to the startups’ key stakeholders.

More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs remain unfilled nationwide. We hope to increase our area’s talent pool, transforming St. Louis into a true cyber city through our Cyber Technology & Research Lab (CTRL). CTRL is a collaborative and free space that equips current and future professionals in our region with resources to properly train others in cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and techniques.

As the Founding Sponsor of the Midwest Cyber Center, we aim to connect and unite the region’s academic, nonprofit, corporate, military and government resources into a cyber ecosystem that strengthens the regional workforce and positions St. Louis as the premier cybersecurity hub.

Midwest Cyber Center
2023 CAC

Building Character from the Beginning

The Christian Activity Center helps kids and families living in East St. Louis to grow and thrive mentally, physically and spiritually. UNCOMN sponsors children who want to enroll in the program, empowering them with the love, life skills and resources they need to be prepared, happy and successful.

We also support educational scholarships, families with small children, holiday giving, individuals with special needs and others through various non-profit organizations such as the Pujols Family Foundation, Special Olympics-Illinois and the Spirit of Christmas.

Connecting Communities

UNCOMN wrote the strategic plan that helped bring Missouri and Illinois together to create St. Louis Regional Freightway. This public-private partnership offers the foundations for planning, marketing and advocating the bi-state region as a national freight hub with competitive advantages, unlike no other region.

St. Louis Freightway
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