Launch Pad: T-REX | Payload: UNCOMN | Impact: Imminent

With St. Louis being dubbed as the “Silicon Valley of the Midwest”, it only makes sense that UNCOMN would immerse themselves in the innovation and entrepreneurial hub that is T-REX.

T-REX is a non-profit start-up organization located in the heart of downtown St. Louis that is devoted to revitalizing the St. Louis economy. UNCOMN’s desire is to capture this opportunity by partnering and teaming with the like-minded entrepreneurial community at T-REX and bring innovative and disruptive solutions to the market while developing enticing job opportunities in St. Louis.

“CEO Patty Hagen has developed an infectious energy in T-REX that brings in people from all industries and levels of experience and provides a platform for collaboration that is unlike anything else I have seen in St. Louis,” Nick Powers, VP of Growth

T-REX’s success and reputation as an innovation incubator speaks for itself. Currently, T-REX is called home to 200+ companies who have their sights set on joining the ranks of the 120+ companies that have graduated from the building and unleashed their success upon the world. With 4,538 direct and indirect jobs created and an annual economic output of $607.6M, the impact of T-REX can be felt across the St. Louis region. More jobs look to be rolling in as T-REX was recently given a $500,000 grant from Bayer to develop the entire 4th floor of the building into the “Geospatial Resource Center”; a training and developmental space for local companies hoping to work with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), among other geospatial entities. The overarching goal is for St. Louis to not only be nationally recognized as the “Silicon Valley of the Midwest”, but to also make it a major hub in the geospatial business sector.

UNCOMN lives by its 5 Core Values.  With this new office space, UNCOMN hopes to accentuate our core value of “Cultivate Beauty” by pursuing and uncovering the truth, goodness, and beauty in the heart of downtown St. Louis. We believe our business interactions should leave our employees, our clients, and our communities better than we found them.  With the City hiring its first-ever Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the ever-increasing presence of the NGA, and a brand new Smart City Initiative taking shape, a flame of innovation and passion has started to spread throughout the City. UNCOMN’s arrival at T-REX provides an invaluable opportunity for us to add fuel to that bright burning flame and to drive the growth and transformation of Downtown St. Louis towards becoming a premier Midwest technological hub and a desirable place to call home.

Location is everything when it comes to business, and there’s no better location than T-REX to help us achieve our goals.  Along this flight path, UNCOMN will share fun and exciting experiences with our teammates working with the local St. Louis community as it continues its transformation.  We are incredibly excited about joining T-REX and look forward to success with our future business partners!

Come visit us at our T-REX office at 911 Washington Ave, Suite 160.

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