Case Study

Centene: Cyber Security Assessment & Recommendations


A Fortune 50 Managed Healthcare Organization with more than 26 million members and 80 thousand employees has a goal of maintaining its low-risk cybersecurity posture.   This engagement targeted assessment and recommendations for the operations of the cyber security monitoring team.


Through discovery sessions with numerous employees and review of current documentation, UNCOMN evaluated the overall strategy, organizational structure, monitoring tools and technology, playbooks, automation capabilities, processes, and procedures to gain a baseline of the Client’s current security posture.  For this engagement, UNCOMN utilized a framework that measured 800 criteria across multiple domains and dimensions to score the current maturity and capabilities. 

Based on the current state assessment evaluation results, recommendations were formulated to specifically address the Client’s needs.


  • Identified areas that could reduce cyber security risk and included insight into the cost / benefit of those improvements. 
  • Recommended organizational changes for the cyber security team to improve effectiveness and agility.
  • Provided automation strategies and a playbook design framework.
  • Created a roadmap for implementation of recommendations.
  • Provided training recommendations and approach that would continue to build the cyber security teams expertise in the always changing threat landscape.