UNCOMN’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

It’s the end of a new year and we at UNCOMN plan to make 2019 even better.

Because we are always striving to Be More and Do More, we had to narrow down our list of goals. So, here’s 6 of UNCOMN’s New Year Resolutions for 2019.


1. Support more businesses in the commercial sector

Along with changing our name to UNCOMN, we are also looking to expand our customer base to address the commercial market. For the last nine years we have worked with the federal government and currently hold over 20 contracts with USTRANSCOM alone. We know our customized services can also be valuable in the local business community and we are working to improve our marketing and sale capability and reorganize our client operations portfolio to support expanding government and commercial work. So expect us to make a large push into the commercial sector this year!



2. Become an adaptable enterprise

With all our growth, digital disruption and increasing pace of change, UNCOMN is transitioning from a traditional organization by adopting a ‘Team of Teams’ approach that is agile and able to continuously adapt to a changing future. We also want to assist our clients in making this successfully implementing this transition. We recognize the importance and the need to conduct change across our company while providing a competitive advantage to ourselves and our clients. We prototype this concept in 2018 and now look forward to completing this transition in 2019 which will include:

  • Transition to a portfolio of capabilities that can be arranged in multiple ways to solve our clients’ needs.
  • Transition to a Scalable Agile Framework for the Lean Enterprise (SAFe) model to operate our Team of Teams.



3. Multiply knowledge and leverage knowledge assets

By successfully multiplying knowledge and leveraging knowledge assets, we increase the Intellectual Capital available to UNCOMN for elevating performance. While it may seem a strange turn of phrase, UNCOMN’s commitment to our clients includes an entire ecosystem that positions knowledge as an adequate value-driver for our solutions.

The reason is simple. When intellectual capital is generated and applied through effective knowledge process optimization, it becomes both available and actionable for accelerating organizational transformation and empowering ‘…systems thinkers to co-create elegant solutions to complex problems!’—effectively accomplishing our Mission.
– Rich Dillard, UNCOMN Sr. Manager



4. Communicate differently (internally and externally)

Agile is embedded in everything at UNCOMN which means our teams communicate simply, directly and most importantly, face-to-face. Opening lines of communication among our consultants drives business development. UNCOMN’s Business Development team engages regularly with our project managers in the field to increase knowledge sharing and technical understanding to write more effective proposals and win new opportunities.

Image Source: https://www.tibco.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/



5. Promote professional development

Our most important core value is Prioritize People, so this is a no brainer. We developed UNCOMN’s Communities of Practices (CoPs) to foster communication and a like-minded environment to push for professional development in areas that align with current industry needs and for future growth opportunities for our employees.

CoPs must have three distinct traits to be considered a community of practice.
(Wenger, Etienne. Communities of Practice: Learning, Meaning, and Identity. Cambridge University Press, 1999.)
Source: https://www.scaledagileframework.com/communities-of-practice/


Our CoPs relate to our 4 Core Capabilities and include: Data Scientists, Business Architects, Systems Engineers and Agile Solutionists.



6. Become your trusted source for information

In addition to having our first Media Specialist, our uncommon geniuses are also creating original content for our followers to ingest on a regular basis. Not only written content but videos that tell interesting stories as well as photos that give insight into our fun projects. We’re motivated by the opportunity to provide value to as many individuals as we can through our new website and social media channels. Stay connected and up to date on the latest UNCOMN news industry trends by subscribing and following us on our social media channels below.

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