UNCOMN and the Port of Long Beach: A Strategic Partnership

UNCOMN Provides Updates on Supply Chain Information Highway: Improving In-Transit Visibility for Cargo Owners 

In a recent interview during FreightWeekSTL, UNCOMN’s CEO and Founder, Jason Carter, joined Dr. Noel Hacegaba from the Port of Long Beach (POLB) to share details about their collaborative efforts on the Supply Chain Information Highway (SCIH). This initiative is setting new standards in cargo tracking and supply chain management. Here’s how this partnership is not only advancing the logistics industry but also preparing it for future challenges.  

Overview of the Partnership 

Since its inception, UNCOMN has made significant contributions to enhance the efficiency and resiliency of the nation’s supply chain. The firm’s background in military logistics led to its selection by POLB to help with the challenges caused by the COVID crisis. The SCIH is being developed in partnership with the port to improve in-transit visibility of freight, ensuring a seamless flow of information across major U.S. ports. 

Progress and Development 

The fruits of this partnership are already evident. The BCO (Beneficial Cargo Owner) Command Center, a public track and trace capability, and a comprehensive Port Operations Dashboard are key outcomes that enhance visibility and provide vital operational insights. These tools are integral to the management of port operations. 

Advancing Through Innovation for the Future

Integration with National Initiatives 

The SCIH integrates seamlessly with the Department of Transportation’s Flow (Freight Logistics Optimization Works) Initiative. This integration is pivotal in optimizing national infrastructure capacity and designing resiliency into the nation’s supply chains. 

Vision for the Future 

Looking ahead, POLB plans to continue its collaboration with other ports nationwide by extending the SCIH’s reach. Additionally, the port is working with the state of California and UNCOMN to implement an agnostic reservation system for the trucking industry and enhance features for managing exports. 

Supporting the Supply Chain Information Highway Vision 

Funding and Support 

The initiative has garnered substantial support, including a significant funding boost of nearly $8 million from the State of California. This investment underscores the importance of sustainable and efficient supply chain solutions, particularly in the context of green initiatives. 

Impact of the Initiative 

The “Supply Chain Information Highway” is designed to build a resilient supply chain capable of adapting to and overcoming disruptions such as the closure of the Port of Baltimore.

The Supply Chain Information Highway was born out of the fragility of the supply chain that was highlighted during the COVID crisis, and it gained momentum because people recognized the vision that Noel was casting was perfect for the kind of collaboration needed to create a resilient supply chain.

– Jason Carter

Watch the Interview 

Experience the full interview and gain deeper insights into how UNCOMN is driving innovation in supply chain management. Click here to watch our session.

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