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About Us

We are UNCOMN. We help our clients leverage IT to succeed when the environment is challenging and the reward potential is high. We accomplish this for clients by building and maintaining trusted computer environments, and mitigating IT risk while maximizing the potential rewards.


We are the Port of Long Beach’s trusted Partner and Technical Integrator for the SCIH (Supply Chain Information Highway). We have over a decade of experience designing and building scalable, hardened DoD shipping and logistics systems in the world’s most contested cyber environments.


What’s your uncommon opportunity? 

Our Focus Areas

Increase Cargo Visbility and Velocity

Liberate Data from Legacy Systems

Increase Access for All Authorized Users

Increase Timeliness & Accuracy


The Port of Long Beach (POLB) is a pivotal player in global trade, serving as the second busiest container port in the U.S. and ranking as the 21st busiest port worldwide. With its impressive capacity, POLB processes more than 8.1 million 20- foot TEUs annually, handling nearly 1 in 5 containers moving through all U.S. ports. Beyond its economic impact, POLB generates a staggering $5 billion in annual U.S. Customs revenue, emphasizing its vital role in connecting businesses and individuals to the world’s economies.


POLB believes it is more important than ever to have full visibility and transparency for shipments. They require a tool that supports their partners in scheduling and planning prior to cargo arrival and reducing delays during each hand-off between modes of transportation.


Our objective is to always evolve today’s capabilities and this meant:


• Convince various users with differing apprehensions to share data
• Collect and curate the right, reliable, accurate, and precise data and provide user specific availability
• Create an environment for transportation participants to contribute data as well as use it to decide on optimal adaptations

Our Impact


Creating a data connection between POLB and supply chain partners


Over 700,000 data files bringing 710 GB of data in 5 months


22,000,000 container event transactions collected

Learn more about Our Initiative

The Supply Chain Information Highway was designed to make data available in a secure, efficient, and reliable manner so that shippers and their transportation providers can make real-time decisions...By enabling efficient data flow, we can drive more reliable container flow!

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