Love the Problem Every Day as a Business Development Specialist


Love the Problem Every Day as a Business Development Specialist

Would you love to work on a team whose principal goal is to create long-term value for one of St. Louis’ Top Workplaces (St Louis Post-Dispatch 2017-2020)? Are you one of those crazy people who love to learn? Well, Business Development (BD) at UNCOMN might be the place for you because nearly every day brings a new challenge or exciting opportunity for the team.

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What Does a Business Developer Do?

The Business Development Specialist is able to have an incredible impact on UNCOMN in numerous ways. It might be helping one of our Partners determine how to best tell the UNCOMN story to a Fortune 100 company.

Another day, it might be responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) that requires everything from cloud computing to modeling, simulation, and optimization. You may not be an expert in those areas, but that’s OK. There are many experts across multiple disciplines in the UNCOMN universe, and you can leverage them to generate the right proof points and shape the story to best highlight UNCOMN’s expertise. You get to tell the story of UNCOMN and as a result, you leave your professional fingerprints all over proposals that bring millions of dollars of revenue to the company.

On a different day, it might be a straightforward Request for Information (RFI) that requires research into our previous responses and then a little business writing skill to ensure the response we create hits the key objectives that we want to emphasize.

Or maybe it’s working across departments, such as Marketing and Talent Acquisition, within UNCOMN to create content like this very article! (Woah, meta.)

Whatever the challenge, it’s the business developer’s job to embrace it and find a solution. It’s critical to UNCOMN’s growth. In fact, as a part of the BD Team, YOU will be critical to UNCOMN’s growth.

As a business developer at UNCOMN, you help shape the company’s future every day. But you’re never alone. In addition to the support of your BD team, you have access to UNCOMN’s experts, including data scientists, system engineers, business architects, and solution agilists. Depending on the project, it might be your job to interview them to complete a past performance, assign them a writing assignment, or facilitate a meeting to help work through a solution at the centerpiece of a proposal. It’s your job to pull critical information out of these UNCOMN geniuses and translate it. In short, you’re a nerd whisperer.

If you are still trying to decide what you want to do long-term for a career, the Business Development Team is a great place to start. You get the chance to see all corners of UNCOMN and what we do. It provided previous team members a launch point for their careers. Previous business developers moved on to be a data scientist, an analyst forming strategy for the Government, our marketing manager, and a project manager. Business development allows you to showcase your best skills and passion so that your next position at UNCOMN is tailored to let you use those skills to maximize your impact on the company.

What type of person makes a good Business Developer?

It takes someone who loves learning and has a strong desire to constantly improve. Beyond that, it takes a range of skills, including research, writing, communications, and creativity.

It also takes a person who works well within a team. The Business Development Team works very closely together to coordinate responses to a wide range of RFIs, RFPs and other types of proposals with assistance from the aforementioned experts from across the UNCOMN universe.

Who wouldn’t be a good fit? Well, if you don’t like to learn new things, dislike working with geniuses and top experts in their fields, enjoy sitting at your desk doing the same thing every day, and hate it when people talk about their dogs as if they are children, the BD team might not be right for you.

Do you want to create value for the company you work for? Do you love learning? Can you develop elegant solutions for complex problems? If so, you might consider joining the UNCOMN BD team.

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