Business Architecture: The Blueprint for Business Optimization and Efficiency

Business Architecture’s overarching purpose is to achieve the client’s strategic goals by ensuring systems and processes complement each other.

This leads to optimization and efficiency across all lines of business. Completing this is no walk in the park. Identifying the who, what, where, when, and why, of how the entity operates takes massive amounts of communication, coordination, and input from the executives, all the way down to the lowest level employee.

Business Architects view a business holistically, considering people, process, technology and data to identify inefficiencies and pain points. Business Architects then provide a solution for the entire business through areas of Business Process Mapping, Portfolio Management, Application Rationalization, Change Management, and Knowledge Management.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others – Jonathan Swift

With the vast amount of knowledge obtained by Business Architects, meticulous and extensive documentation is extremely important. Without documentation, there can be no continuity, no reference material, no standard, and very little efficiency and optimization can be achieved. Documentation is what drives Business Architecture, and it’s imperative that it is maintained and updated over time.

Through comprehensive documentation and analysis, a solution can be identified. Identifying the solution, at times, can come easy after you have spent months learning the in’s and out’s of a client’s business. The difficult part is implementing the solution across the enterprise through executive endorsement. In order for this to happen, Business Architects have to properly convey the solution to decision makers and then identify “Champions” across the different branches to assist in implementation. The “Champions” make sure the “To-Be” processes and systems are cemented into day-to-day operations.

UNCOMN’s approach to Business Architecture is unique. UNCOMN has extensive experience providing this capability to the federal government. Because of the maturity, size, and vast requirements of this entity, we at UNCOMN are able to take our experience and provide a completely custom Business Architecture solution for our clients, both public and private.

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