UNCOMN & T-Rex Win First Place at Virtual AWS Public Sector GameDay 2020

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Worldwide Public Sector (WWPS) recently held its second-ever Partners GameDay for its Public Sector Partners and its first virtually. During this interactive learning exercise, participants were challenged to put their AWS skills to the test. Participants were divided into small teams where they were then given an exercise to work on together using AWS skills, services, and best practices to perform a successful on-premise to cloud migration.

The UNCOMN / T-Rex joint team came in first place at this year’s AWS GameDay. UNCOMN’s three team members, Tom Minella, Dennis McKeon, and Jeff Carter worked alongside T-Rexers Philip M. Gollucci and Ed Shields.

This year’s competition included 55 people and 10 AWS moderators. Competitors came from companies of all sizes to migrate a LAMP stack to AWS using Cloud Endure and Data Migration Service (DMS) with Continuous Data Change (CDC) using load balancers and containers. Once migrated, each team had to refine their migration by following the 5 Pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF): Cost, Optimization, Resiliency, Performance, and Security or CORPS. The application had to undergo a Virtual Machine (VM) / Amazon Machine Image (AMI) set-up to a containerized one using Docker (containers) and Amazon Fargate (managed Kubernetes).

“The exercise reminded all of us about the importance of thinking through the best configurations as we set up services. AWS gives you so many choices and they are subtle, but they have important differences depending on the customer requirements. Factors like cost, security, availability, and even staff skills to maintain what’s deployed have to be considered.”

~Dennis McKeon, UNCOMN Senior Manager and Cloud Team Lead

We are proud of the skills our team brought to this virtual event in support of building and securing the future of our nation’s infrastructure.

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To learn more about AWS GameDays, visit their website here.

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