UNCOMN Launches Free, Open-Sourced Ransomware Protection Software

Project Cheyenne combines advanced security features and ease of use to provide unparalleled protection for enterprise and personal customers

October 28, 2021 (ST. LOUIS) — UNCOMN, one of the leading technology consultancies in the U.S. and 10-year partner to the U.S. Department of Defense, today announced the launch of Project Cheyenne, its free, open-sourced protection software for partners and users of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Developed for the security needs of both Fortune 100 companies and the general publicProject Cheyenne provides a one-way flow of data into an AWS encrypted database that cannot be compromised if a hacker breaches the primary system, providing a final line of defense for your data.

A survey from IBM and the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of a data breach was $4.24 million per incident in 2021, According to the Identity Theft Resource Centerthe number of data breaches through Q3 2021 was 17 percent more than the total number of events in all of 2020.

In most systems, traditional backups can be accessed by anyone with the right credentials. That means the backup is vulnerable to anyone with the respective passwords. Should an attacker get hold of the credentials, they could also likely now change or delete the backups. Project Cheyenne eliminates that possibility. Project Cheyenne’s backup is untouchable through your system, and cannot be accessed without special credentials. If a hacker succeeds in taking down your entire system, Project Cheyenne enables you to have it back up and running with just a few clicks on a keyboard.



Our team was inspired by the Cheyenne Mountain Complex located in Colorado. This complex is a secure defensive bunker used currently by the US Space Force and US Air Force. The bunker was built to deflect a 30 megaton nuclear explosion with 25-ton blast doors and a network of unique filters to capture airborne contaminants. Similar to a nuclear blast, ransomware damage to your business or personal data can be catastrophic. Our team was driven to develop a secure, blast-proof option for people to use to ride out the shockwaves and return to normal operation.

Project Cheyenne is a panic room for your data, created with the hopes that it is never needed, but if it was, it would be the ultimate safety net for a compromised system,” said UNCOMN Founder and President Jason Carter. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a CIO, CISO, IT manager, or cloud engineer, during a crisis, everyone wants the same thing – peace of mind that their data is safe and secure. Project Cheyenne is an easy-to-use safeguard that makes that possible, a safety net that provides a near-instantaneous restoration of your data prior to an attack.”

Project Cheyenne is a minimalist approach to providing immutable, automated backup storage using native AWS Serverless technologies such as AWS Lambda, AWS SQS, and AWS S3. Using these native AWS capabilities, the software establishes a one-way valve for your data to be pulled into its Vault, protecting that data with immutable AWS S3 Object Lock configurations to provide safe and secure Write Once, Ready Many (WORM) storage for your Disaster Recovery needs.


Project Cheyenne also provides an added layer of protection for those using AWS Backup, which does not prevent the deletion of data stored via AWS Backup. A properly authenticated attacker can still leverage administrative privileges to destroy data held within AWS Backup as part of a more sophisticated attack against a target. With Project Cheyenne, users now have an affordable, intuitive solution that allows them a method to back up their data, with implemented DevSecOps capabilities to restrict access from the production environment to the backup database without adding bottlenecks in the data flow. As a result, there is zero data loss risk to the disaster recovery backup databases that are inherently vulnerable to a production side attack.


The 25-ton North blast door seen above is the main entrance to Cheyenne Mountain Complex. There is a second blast door beyond which leads to a labyrinth of tunnels that access the main chambers.

Based in St. Louis and with more than 200 employees, UNCOMN is a recognized industry leader in cloud, cybersecurity, data & analytics, and software development. While the company was founded in 2010 as a defense contractor providing consulting services to the federal government, over the past two years it has doubled its size, expanded into the private sector, and now works with both private and public companies across the United States.  

For more information about Project Cheyenne, visit cheyenne.uncomn.com or click the button below to download.

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