The last letter from Aegis Strategies


The last letter from Aegis Strategies.

The greatest country in the history of mankind—the United States of America—has as its foundation a simple but powerful idea: that the collective genius of the “tired, poor, huddled masses” of the world, when mixed together in a melting pot, is better able to rule a nation-state and to create a more unstoppable economic engine than any single king or queen or collection of the world’s most well-bred aristocrats.

Aegis Strategies has always had a philosophy of business similar to America’s philosophy of government: that the collective genius of our individual consultants, when combined in teams and given the freedom to experiment and innovate, is better able to build the capabilities with which we will serve tomorrow’s clients than any complex plans the Aegis partners could devise. We believe this so strongly that we’ve built a culture around the idea and have instantiated it as one of our five core values. We call it Celebrating Uncommon Genius.

We’re excited to announce that—as of today—we are taking the next logical step and rebranding our company from “Aegis Strategies” to “UNCOMN” (pronounced ‘uncommon’). The deed is done.  The legal paperwork is filed, and our clients and business partners have already been notified. Today we are simply letting the rest of the world in on the secret.

There is no change in ownership or legal structure of the company. America existed before the Statue of Liberty was unveiled in 1875 to welcome the huddled masses from the far corners of the earth. This change is for us simply a metaphorical Statue of Liberty; i.e., it’s our declaration to the as-yet-undiscovered uncommon geniuses among you that we’d welcome you to our shores… to add you to our team of teams and discover what future we may create together.

–Jason Carter, Founder/President, UNCOMN