UNCOMN Is A Best Place to Work in 2021, According to Our People on Glassdoor

UNCOMN Is A Best Place to Work in 2021, According to Our People on Glassdoor

UNCOMN is pleased to announce that we are among the winners of the annual Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards, a list of the Best Places to Work in 2021.


Unlike other awards, there is no self-nomination or application process, instead, it’s entirely based on the feedback that our people have voluntarily and anonymously shared on Glassdoor. To determine the winners of the awards, Glassdoor evaluates all company reviews shared by team members over the past year. This year, UNCOMN is proud to be recognized as a Best Place to Work among U.S. small businesses (less than 1,000 employees).


A huge thank you goes out to all of our people who took the time to share their perspective on what it’s like to work at UNCOMN. We appreciate all the valuable feedback as it only helps us improve.

Below are just a few words team members shared on Glassdoor that contributed toward the award and make us feel incredibly honored:

What Are Our People Saying on Glassdoor?

The only company I’ve worked for that actually cared about their employees’ development.


– Cyber Security Engineer


I have worked for other companies that said they were supportive of my Army Reserve life, but when push came to shove, their actions did not follow their words; however UNCOMN has met all expectations. The welcome and care for serving Reservists and National Guardsmen is awesome at UNCOMN!




They put their people first and it shows right as you start.


-Software Developer


Developed sensible, reasonable, health-oriented plans for dealing with COVID, enabled telework when possible, took it seriously from the beginning, made allowances for high-risk employees.


-Senior Business Operations Analyst


During my tenure at UNCOMN the people have shown unwavering support, collaboration, and ingenuity. From the technology needed to preform my job, to the flexibility to take care of my family in unprecedented times, to ensuring I feel valued both financially as well as developmentally, UNCOMN is not just my employer or the person that signs my paycheck. They feel like a place that supports me and my career. Even if my career would take me to another company.


-Data Architect


I have been with the company for almost two years now and in that time I have been exposed to people, tools, and opportunities that have allowed me to not only further develop skills already in my toolbox; but to learn new skills and technologies that exposed me to even more opportunities. UNCOMN truly values growth in their people and encourages the exploration of new solutions and technologies.


-Software Engineer


Since starting work here, everyone has reached out to introduce themselves. Every conversation ends with “If you need anything let me know”. I have been with the company less than a year but feel totally confident in asking for help. Managers and Co workers are very approachable and have a team first atmosphere.


-Senior Functional Analyst


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Considering a career with UNCOMN? Learn about our culture at uncomn.com/careers and look for jobs at apply.uncomn.com.

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