5 Reasons Why We’ve Got Our Heads in the Cloud – Cultivate Beauty

For most, ‘to have your head in the clouds’ carries a negative connotation; meaning to be lost in thought, daydreaming or to have impractical ideas or dreams. But here at UNCOMN, we’ve got our heads in the clouds and are leveraging cloud solutions to meet our clients’ most complex, technical needs.

We are now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner and were recently named by the CIO Review as one of the ’20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers for 2018′. This is a role we take seriously and a service that we believe will leave our clients and our communities better then we found them. After all, Cultivate Beauty is our fifth Core Value.

So how can we cultivate beauty in the cloud?

It comes down to our implementation of the Triple Bottom Line and idea that we can Be More and Do More by focusing our efforts on people, the planet and profit rather than our own financial gains alone.

Here are 5 examples of how the cloud can help cultivate beauty:

#1        On-Premise VS. In the Cloud.

Traditional, on-site data centers require many servers to run, large amounts of energy to power and manpower to maintain. Migrating systems to the cloud reduces energy consumptions, helps to lower emissions and allows us to focus on our customers rather than focusing on maintenance and powering servers.

#2        Sustainable, Adaptable, Scalable Infrastructure.

Cloud computing takes the guess work out of deciding infrastructure capacity needs and eliminates issues of sitting on expensive idle resources or dealing with limited capacity. With the cloud, you can access as much or as little as you need and scale up or down as required with a pay-as-you-go plan.

#3        Commitment to being “Green.”

Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other cloud providers are taking significant steps to improve their energy mix – wind, solar, hydropower. For example, Amazon achieved 50% renewable energy in January 2018 and uses a power mix that is 28% less carbon intense then the global average, providing their cloud customers an 88% reduction in carbon emissions.

#4        Smart Solutions = Smart Cities.

Cities everywhere are faced with transportation, mobility, safety, health and environment issues. Cloud technology provides the computing, storage, databases, analytics, networking, tools and environment for cities to leverage data for decision-making and address their smart city goals.

#5        Building Resilient Communities.

Cloud solutions and Internet of Things offer an integrated approach to technology implementation. As cities experience this digital transformation, the people who live in their communities will have new ways of solving and responding to physical, social, economic and environmental problems.

When it comes to the cloud, or migrating systems to the cloud, no solution is a one-size-fits-all. We work hard to understand the problems our clients are trying to solve and view every clients’ business as a system of system. We look forward to listening to your thoughts, hearing your questions and developing a cloud solution for you!

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