Field Service Job Management Application

Case Study


A local reputable cleaning and restoration company, with 200+ employees, was looking for a field service management tool that would provide automation and improve the customer experience.


UNCOMN was selected to identify and implement a solution.  UNCOMN provided detailed capability analysis and used this information to narrow the search down to the top 3 contenders.  Then UNCOMN used a weighted comparison technique to identify which contender was the best fit.  The final stage was implementing the new application and migrating the legacy information into the new system.


The Migration of New Tech Provides:

  • Automation Leap

    The new solution ushered in a 40-60% increase in automation, which translated to the elimination of over 80 hours of manual work each week. This significant reduction in manual tasks freed up valuable time for employees to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience

    The automation and streamlined processes drastically reduced the need for multiple calls to reschedule services or confirm details. This enhancement led to a noticeable improvement in customer satisfaction, as interactions became more straightforward and less time-consuming.

  • Productivity Surge

    By eliminating over a dozen manual steps and 'swivel chair' processes, the new system significantly boosted employee productivity. This efficiency gain not only improved the morale of the workforce but also allowed the company to handle a higher volume of service requests without compromising on quality.

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