Migration to GovCloud

Case Study


A Federal Banking Institution requested support in reviewing the architecture and roadmap for the migration of the e-Invoicing application to a cloud environment.  The application was described as a highly complex architecture with technology implementations requiring expertise in application, database, and security to understand, design and develop an AWS Gov Cloud roadmap and level of effort estimate. The goal was to provide Client the ability to evaluate its options for continued use of the system after sunsetting its data center. and recommendations for the operations of the cyber security monitoring team.


  • Assessment

    Our client engaged UNCOMN to assess their proposed environment and architecture design.

  • Cloud Environment Establishment

    UNCOMN helped our client establish a cloud-based environment for continued operation of a critical application after on-premises datacenter shutdown.

  • Scalability and Deployment

    Cloud resources were to allow for rapid deployment and high scalability without significant change to the existing application.


The Assessments and Recommendations Provided:

  • FIPS Compliance

    Identified several areas where meeting FIPS compliance requirements was not possible in original architecture.

  • Deployment Design

    Recommended Blue/Green deployment design.

  • Cloud Formation Templates

    Provided sample Cloud Formation Templates (with in-line comments) for Financial Banking Institution use.

  • CIDR Block Concerns

    Identified concern with CIDR block assignment.

  • Automation Maturity

    Existing maturity of on-premises automation using WebLogic Scripting Tool (WLST) demonstrated a mature team and a solid head start on automation in cloud environments.

  • Future Positioning

    Federal Banking Institution goals for containerization and server less technologies will ultimately position the enterprise for more supportable and resilient solutions in the future.

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