Virtual Security Operation Center Support

Case Study


A Fortune 500 Insurance company with more than 11,000 employees was seeking someone to help support their existing Security Operations Center (SOC) staff. They needed assistance in managing the security evaluation and mitigation of vulnerabilities on desktop endpoints, identifying trends and threats to the infrastructure, analyzing and validating event data collected by security tools, responding to security alerts, managing identified security tools, and coordinating incident detection and response activities related to identified security events.


  • vSOC Team Integration

    The vSOC team was entrusted with managing all security incidents within American Family's environment, extending to 3 co-ops, a task they completed with excellence and exceeding client expectations.

  • Comprehensive Management

    The vSOC's comprehensive approach included handling (security information and event management (SEIM) alerts, phishing, ServiceNow incidents, and email box monitoring.

  • Expert Consultation

    Our vSOC's provide expert consultation on SIEM tuning and XSOAR automation.

  • SOP and Metric Reports

    Our vSOC's contributed to creating Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) and metric reports, vital tools in assessing and enhancing the security posture.


vSOC Team's Demonstrated Success:

  • SIEM Alerts Management

    Efficiently managed and responded to SIEM alerts.

  • Phishing Response

    Actively addressed and neutralized phishing threats.

  • ServiceNow Incident Resolution

    Managed and resolved incidents within the ServiceNow platform.

  • Email Monitoring

    Conducted vigilant monitoring of email boxes to detect and respond to security threats.

  • SIEM Tuning Consultation

    Assisted in the automation process using XSOAR, enhancing efficiency and response times.

  • XSOAR Automation

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  • SOP Development

    Contributed to the creation of SOPs to streamline and standardize processes.

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