Offering agility at scale to accomplish even the biggest ambitions through iterative value delivery.

UNCOMN’s team of solution agilists implement your programs and projects by applying lean-agile principles and portfolio management concepts. We interface directly with key operators and stakeholders at the project, program, and portfolio levels. Understanding their unique business requirements, we ensure solutions optimize velocity with current operational tempo to deliver the greatest value in the shortest sustainable lead time. We routinely seek feedback to continuously improve services and user experience, ensuring projects deliver on their stated business goals.


Component Capabilities

Lean-Agile Project Management

Optimize for Flow | Fast Feedback | Best Technical Practices

We implement an iterative approach to planning and guiding projects. Our team interfaces directly with your stakeholders at the project level, understanding their requirements and optimizing velocity of delivery, ensuring optimal, light-weight project management in delivering integrated solutions for our clients.

Enterprise Systems Integration

Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering

We help design, implement, and govern a service-oriented architecture that strengthens functionality and communications across all enterprise systems.  This effort involves designing or improving processes, integrating projects and making investments that bring fluency to your people, process, and technology interfaces.  Because we attack this challenge using our agile project management approach, we collaboratively manage cost, schedule, and performance milestones with your team.

Product Development

Agile Product and Solution Management

We manage product development iterations from concept to reality, breaking down ideas into incremental goals and deliverables.  Our agilists routinely seek feedback to improve / build upon services and user experience.  We utilize this feedback to develop products in a lean-agile environment to ensure flexibility and quick responses to change and continuous development

Enterprise Governance

Portfolio Management (PfM)

We apply enterprise governance to ensure the alignment of initiatives (projects, programs or product development) with organizational goals to create value.  We apply Lean-Agile values, principles and practices to the task of enterprise governance.