Engineering Solutions

Increasing Performance and Efficiency through Simplified, State-of-the-Art Systems

Technology is advancing almost by the minute and customers’ demands are following closely. As your business grows to accommodate, your technology environment can morph into a web of patchworked solutions that compromise both performance and integrity. Instead, you need clarity, fluency, and efficiency whether aiming to be cutting edge or to simply remain competitive.


UNCOMN uses a systems approach to ensure IT supports optimized business processes, whether you run a large, highly complex operation or a smaller enterprise with big ambitions. When implementing technology solutions, we prioritize a human-centric approach, ensuring that systems serve the people who use them. We ask challenging questions of even the most complex systems — replacing unsound interfaces with forward-thinking, elegant solutions — setting you up for the long term. And … we’ll have fun doing it.

Component Capabilities

Agile Software Development

Full Stack Web Development | Peer Programming | Rapid Prototyping | Service-Oriented Architecture | Web API Development


We use a three-tiered approach to build solutions from concept to full functional technology with bottom-line-changing results. First through Agile Software Development, we collaborate to create solutions that work for our entire organization. Then, through Full Stack Web Development, Enterprise Integration Orchestration, Peer Programming, and Test-Driven Development, we implement solutions that achieve a Service -Oriented Architecture (SOA) while avoiding interruptions in your operations.


Throughout these processes and before going live, we employ several measures to integrate technology solutions that optimize efficiency while minimizing risk. These measures will include static software scanning, vulnerability assessment, mitigation recommendations, rapid prototyping, enhancement, and sustainment. Using your Web API Development protocol, we make sure that your technology meets the demands of your growing base of mobile clients.

Cloud Business Solutions

Design & Network Architecture | DevOps | Migrations | Hybrid Solutions


Communication and collaboration are crucial to your enterprise’s success. That’s why we employ a DevOps approach, working with your teams to create a design and architecture that meets your objectives while keeping all stakeholders in alignment. Whether the challenge requires Migration, On-Premise Applications, Cloud or Hybrid Solutions, we delve in and work diligently to bring clarity to your infrastructure. As a Microsoft Azure Partner and Amazon Web Services Partner, we have access to the tools you need to serve geographically disbursed stakeholders.

Strategic Technology Design

Systems Modernization | Systems Portfolio Analysis | Risk Mitigation | Competitive Technology Analysis | Workforce Skills Development


We perform a System-Portfolio Analysis and a Competitive Technology Analysis of your industry to determine next steps and help implement the suggested system modernization and skills enhancement. Our expertise in Strategic Technology Solutions and emphasis on making people a priority will enable faster organization changes, financial trade-offs and risk mitigation – keeping you competitive and service-focused.