Data Solutions

Drawing Business Insights and Performance Through Data Analytics

Your organization’s performance depends on making the right decisions in a timely manner. Accessible, reliable, and timely data must be transformed into information, knowledge, and insight in order to inform and enlighten.


UNCOMN’s team of data scientists mine your systems to fully understand the business context and drivers. We use modeling and simulation to virtually “break down and rebuild” as needed—to get to the core truth of the issues and transform fragmented data parts into a cohesive knowledge whole. Ultimately, your data and analytic systems will outperform your expectations and better serve the needs of your customers and community.

Component Capabilities

Business Intelligence

Operations Management | Demand Forecasting & Accuracy Assessment | Value Chain Performance Assessment | Lifecycle Cost Analysis | Economic Evaluation I Risk Assessment


We gather credible evidence and apply modeling and simulation to formulate insights before identifying the improvements and action steps needed to achieve your goals. We apply skills in Excel, VBA, SQL, Cognos, Tableau, PowerBI, and other Business Intelligence tools to improve your operations management, demand forecasting, and accuracy assessment.

Geospatial Information Services

Spatial Analysis | Geovisualization | Geocoding | Remote Sensing | Imagery Analysis | Drone Mapping & 3D Modeling


We map Business Intelligence into a visual-spatial context. We apply skills in Oracle Spatial, ESRI, QIS, and other geospatial tools, we order statistical information in a geospatial context, providing more accurate insights based on real human activity. The resulting clarity equips you to make more informed decisions.

Master Data Management

Intelligent Data Integration | Data Modeling and Configuration | Data Governance & Compliance


For complex enterprises, we model your data environment, simplifying and transforming raw data into information that aids in predictive analysis and supports decisions making for your enterprise. We help refine or impose protective measures to ensure data governance & compliance which are critical to managing risk, thereby safeguarding the integrity of your company and clients.

Supply Chain Assessment

Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Modeling | Performance Assessments


Using industry benchmarks such as SCOR combined with operations research methods, we model your supply chain, benchmarking performance and developing insights into cost and performance drivers. Using modeling and simulation, we provide “what if?” scenario analysis, asking and answering the questions that can improve both the performance and efficiency of your supply chain enabling competitive advantage.