Cyber Solutions


Designing Battle-Hardened Security Processes and Tools to Balance Business Drivers and Risk

Businesses are more interconnected than ever, making them increasingly vulnerable to a myriad of cyber threats. Cyber Solutions are no longer a luxury but a necessity for companies of all sizes and sectors. A single breach can lead to significant financial losses, damage to reputation, legal repercussions, and loss of customer trust. Moreover, with regulatory environments growing stricter, ensuring cyber compliance has become paramount. 


At UNCOMN, we are at the forefront of innovative Cyber Solutions, ensuring that our clients are always ne step ahead in the digital landscape. Our Cyber Capabilities encompass a wide range of services—from advanced threat detection and mitigation to tailored cybersecurity strategies—all designed to safeguard your digital assets and ensure uninterrupted business operations. With a team of seasoned experts, cutting-edge technologies, and proactive approach, we are committed to deliver robust, reliable, and resilient solutions hat address your business’s needs and prepare you for tomorrow’s threats.

Component Capabilities

Defensive Cyber Solutions

Cyber Monitoring | Internal Network Defense Design | Contingency Planning | Software Code Analysis


Beyond monitoring and alerting, our Defensive Cyber Solutions entail taking a technology-agnostic approach to identify, design, and integrate an internal network defense system that empowers your team to focus on business matters, knowing your assets are safe.


We perform Software Code Analysis and employ Automated Account Management and Reporting components as part of our Vulnerability Management Program. We also help your staff prepare for the unexpected, through Contingency Planning, Design, Implementation, and Exercises, so that in the case of a cyber-attack, all parties will encounter only minimal exposure. We analyze potential intruder actions, acquire intelligence and mitigate threats to maintain your enterprise’s security and end-to-end stability.

Ethical Hacking

Penetration Testing | Physical Security Testing | Social Engineering Risk Assessment


Simplicity is our goal, but never at the expense of stability, which is top priority. Our cyber experts perform Penetration Testing of your external assets, as well as Physical Security Testing, identifying the ability of an unauthorized individual to access sensitive information or make a malicious online attack. We also conduct a Social Engineering Risk Assessment, collecting extensive data about your organization and employees, to help prevent a cyber-attack.

Master Data Management

Single Pane of Glass | Industry Threat Research | Information Sharing Organizations | Forensics


Our Cyber Solutions team takes a 360° approach to Cyber Analytics, while providing a Single-Pane-of-Glass perspective, enabling us to more simply and clearly see any areas of exposure in your network. First through Industry Threat Research, we gather detailed data about your business and what might inspire an attack. Then, as a Information Sharing Organization, we review the latest data and alerts within your industry-specific cyber environment. Lastly, using Cyber Forensics, we keep your digital data secure in ways that enable early detection and crime prevention.

Cyber Risk Assessment/Management

Information Assurance | Risk Profiling


Through Cyber Analytics, we help you access and streamline data in ways that prevent attacks. Additionally through DIACAP, a U.S. Department of Defensive Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process, we help your enterprise employ Cyber Risk Management for all Information Systems (IS). Our Information Assurance Services provide details about online availability and use of your data, to help assure confidentiality and authenticity. We also perform Risk Profiling of your company and key executives using the Unified Information Security Framework for the entire Federal Government, call Risk Management Framework (RMF), to protect your number one asset—your people.