Cyber Solutions

Cyber Solutions

We protect networks, devices, and data against unauthorized access and illegal usage.

UNCOMN’s Cyber Solutions analyze and understand your business to protect you against evolving cyber threats, ensuring your operations remain secure and resilient.

Preserve confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your information.

Cyber Capabilities

Compliance Hardening

We assist clients in adhering to various legal and security standards, enhancing their systems and networks to align with their specific risk tolerance levels. This ensures not only regulatory compliance but also a fortified defense against potential threats.

Security Engineering / Integrations

Our approach involves both, the optimization of existing security frameworks and the integration of innovative practices, to strengthen our clients' cybersecurity posture. This dual strategy ensures that security measures are not only current but also forward-thinking, keeping pace with evolving digital threats.

Incident Response / Detection

We specialize in the refinement of our clients' capabilities to detect, handle, and respond to security incidents efficiently. Our focus is on minimizing response times and mitigating potential impacts, ensuring that our clients are prepared to address and recover from cyber threats swiftly and effectively.

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Cory Phipps

cory phipps

chief information security officer

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