Case Study

Port of Long Beach: Supply Chain Information Highway


One of America’s premier seaports and a leader in goods movement needed better visibility into cargo locations to optimize the supply chain and reduce port congestion.  Congestion at the U.S. ports has increased dramatically and is causing disruption within the entire supply chain.


UNCOMN was engaged to provide a proof of concept (POC) at one terminal at the port to prove out the viability of a data tool where users can glean visibility to their freight in real-time.   Given the data would be accessible by more than just port users, the POC would need to reside in the cloud with built-in data security.  With our logistics expertise, we understood that incoming data would be diverse and originate from disparate systems, so data ingestion routines and business rules engines would need to be robust, flexible and easily expandable.  Data extraction would need to be well defined, provided on a self-serve basis and only be available to authenticated users.


  • The Supply Chain Information Highway (SCIH) POC demonstrates the value that can be achieved utilizing this data visibility tool.  By enabling real-time movement visibility, users can make more informed and faster operational decisions and will be empowered to optimize their supply chains and staff.
  • The POC can be expanded to other terminals and ports and operationalized to become the solution for supply chain issues.
  • The SCIH is built in a secure, highly available and well proven cloud environment for authorized supply chain partners to access data to improve cargo visibility to optimize container movement and gain efficiencies.
  • Data extraction is available via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and is only available to authorized users.