People or Profit – What’s Your Priority?


Should this really be a dilemma for companies in the 21st century?

Companies are starting to realize the importance of their own people and it doesn’t matter what industry they’re in. At the core of their business, their processes, and their profit are people.

In an increasingly globalized world, workers are getting more and more access to a wider range of career opportunities. And, as simple supply and demand will tell us, if employees have easier access to more opportunities outside of their current organization, they will need more significant incentives to stay.

The question for executives shouldn’t be whether or not to train their staff but what kind of training they should provide and how they should provide it.

At UNCOMN, training happens every Friday—and lunch is provided. We’ve developed Communities of Practice that give staff control over our career development and provide opportunities for us to grow in our desired fields.

The concept is simple—gain, grow, give. Those with no experience can gain it. Those with some experience can grow it. And those with extensive experience can give it. The members of each Community of Practice choose what type of training they want and every Friday afternoon, they are given time off from their regular responsibilities to do nothing more than improve their skills and knowledge.

From guest speakers to hands-on workshops to official certifications, employees of UNCOMN have the opportunity to directly impact what opportunities they have access to.

To UNCOMN’s leadership, the company impact with this type of career development approach is perfectly clear. “When we are prioritizing our people, we are prioritizing our brand.” – UNCOMN President/Founder Jason Carter.

It’s such an important concept for UNCOMN that it’s our  #1 company value. To be fair, we haven’t completely solved the corporate training dilemma. However, we ask a different question. We don’t ask “should we train our people?” but “how big can we make the training budget?”

And the strategy has paid off. UNCOMN is one of the highest-rated small businesses on Glassdoor.


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