We are the special forces of tech, delivering military grade solutions to leaders of complex organizations facing wicked business problems.

Making Data Manageable for Business Analytics

Each week, the United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) collects terabytes of data from thousands of air, ground, and sea missions around the globe. That data comes from dozens of different commands, countries, and agencies with differing data collection standards and curation practices. How can an organization manage and curate large, unstructured volumes of data to help inform business decisions and operations?

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Our Core Values

celebrateuncommongenius love theproblem prioritizepeople be moredo more cultivatebeauty Prioritize People

We value our people over profits, our client and partner relationships over any short-term gain and our human reputation over any material reward.

Love the Problem

We are Engineers, Architects, Analysts and Hackers. Rather than shying away from complex problems, we are attracted to them, applying systems thinking to develop elegant solutions.

Be More, Do More

We are not content with ‘good enough’. We pursue excellence in all we do — self-consciously working a little smarter, dressing a little sharper and playing a little harder than the competition.

Celebrate UNCOMN Genius

Humans with unique skill sets are often accompanied by colorful personalities. We encourage originality, seeking opportunities to align individual interest and passion with the work we do.

Cultivate Beauty

We pursue truth, goodness and beauty. We believe our business interactions should leave our employees, our clients and our communities better than we found them.

What People Are Saying

"Coming out of college, what I was really looking for was the culture and the way that leadership talked about the company. Do they say they value work life balance, and actually do it? Is there a community? Do people have passion? I found all of that at UNCOMN."
Abby Wood
Data Scientist
"UNCOMN gave me the ability to build up my IT skillset and so, when a position opened up, it was a natural transition for me to move into that role."
Troy Templeman
Agile Solutions Lead
"What we're looking for are people that love to solve problems. If you like to fix things, tweak things, solve problems, and put them back together, you're probably a good fit here."
Jason Carter